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About Michael Eckhardt

At 33 years old, Michael Eckhardt has already founded three startups, two of which were acquired by large tech companies. He is an alumnus of the University of Arizona and has lived in Arizona for most of his life. In his spare time, he likes running and playing pick-up basketball. He is also a huge Arizona Wildcats fan.

Hey there! I’m Michael Eckhardt. Tucson, Arizona has been my home for the past twenty years. I am an Air Force man’s son and we moved around quite a lot when I was younger. When I was thirteen, my dad got assigned to Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, where he helped manage the aircraft boneyard. Moving to Arizona is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I was a very sickly kid, and Tucson’s dry climate helped me get over my asthma. I have an asthma flare once in a while, but they tend to be short and not as bad as they got when I was a boy.

Tucson receives a lot of sun the whole year and this makes the city the perfect place for sports. I joined my high school football team as a kicker and helped my team make it to the city playoffs. After high school, I went to the University of Arizona, where I played on the football scout team and played tag football after class. I was also a member of the Zona Zoo, the student support section that fills up the Arizona Stadium whenever the Wildcats play football. The football team might not have been very good the past few years, but the Zoo has always been loud.

I left the U of A with a computer science degree and joined GoDaddy.com in Scottsdale, just a few miles outside Phoenix. Scottsdale is a great party town with bars, but I hung out mostly in sports bars whenever the Wildcats were playing. Aside from working with GoDaddy, I also made the most of the Scottsdale cultural scene and made more than 100 visits to galleries and museums while I was there.

After five years with GoDaddy, I decided to go back to Tucson to be closer to my parents. My dad had already retired from the Air Force and stayed in Tucson because of the climate. I also had a sister who was still going to U of A for her MBA. After she got her degree, she helped me set up a startup company that sold POS software to U of A concessionaires, especially during game day. It was also through my sister that I met my first and only girlfriend (now my fiancée). So, yes, you could say that moving back to Tucson was the best decision that I’ve ever made.

Whenever I’m not looking after my business, I like going to Arizona football games and have never missed the games against Arizona State and Cal. I also find time to play basketball and run on the hills outside Tucson with my adopted dog, Spike.